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Locksmith Avondale is a locksmith service company that provides automotive, residential, and commercial services. We specialize in providing services for lockouts, lock changes, and car key replacements but we also provide so much more.

Automotive Locksmith Services and Vehicle Key Replacements
When it comes to providing locksmith services for automotive needs Locksmith Avondale only provides the best. One of the main services that our locksmith professionals provide is auto lockouts. When you become locked out of your vehicle our service professionals will have you in promptly. The entire service generally takes half an hour from your first call to finish. Did I mention they will do this without any damage to your vehicle. Another main automotive service Locksmith Avondale provides is car key replacements. Our car key replacement experts have all the know-how and equipment needed to replace or duplicate your key. Whether your key was lost, stolen, or you just want an extra for peace of mind we are able to do so. We also provide other automotive services as well. We have the capability of repairing or replacing ignitions, duplicating chipped keys, replacing key fobs, and more.


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Residential Locksmith Services
Locksmith Avondale is no stranger to providing residential locksmith services. As you can imagine one of our most sought-after services is lockouts. The lockout specialists at locksmith Avondale will arrive on location with all the required tools to have you back in your home speedily. Most times they are able to pick the lock of your home open without damage. However, there are rare occasions where they may need to drill your lock open. If drilling the lock is required you will be informed first. Rest assured they will then have the ability to replace the lock as well. Lock changes and rekeys are other prominent services that we provide. Our locksmith professionals will have all types of locks sizes, shapes, and colors depending on your preference. Although, lockouts, lock changes, and rekeys are some of the main residential services provided by Locksmith Avondale. We also provide other services as well including sliding glass door locks, mailbox locks, and more.




Commercial Locksmith Services
Locksmith Avondale also provides commercial locksmith services as well. The dreaded business lockout is one of our specialties. Here at Locksmith Avondale, we understand the importance of being able to access your business. In the event you are locked out we will make getting you back in our priority. We have expert specialists that specialize in picking commercial mortise locks. Like other locks, there is always a chance it may need to be drilled. If this happens you will be advised and we will also have replacement locks with us on our locksmith vehicles. Our main concern will be getting you back inside so you may continue with your business. Locksmith Avondale also provides commercial lock changes, rekeys, services for panic bars and so much more.


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When you are in need of any locksmith service contact Locksmith Avondale. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our locksmith specialists are always happy to provide you with the best service possible.

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