Boston Locksmith



Boston Locksmith

Boston Locksmith says, It can be a challenge to find a reputable local locksmith in your area. We are here for you when your in a jam.

A Lenny makes it easier for you. You are guaranteed that only a certified Boston locksmith will service you. And you’ll be glad to know that all works done are licensed and bonded, while products and spare parts purchased from our shop are covered by brands warranty.

Just a few of our local Boston locksmith services:

  • Car locksmith services
  • Residential  services
  • Commercial  services
  • Lockouts
  • Repairs and rekeys
  • Safes, mail security boxes, gun lock boxes, etc
  • Security alarms, monitoring systems, biometrics, etc
  • Deadbolts, padlocks, knobs and key sets, vehicle ignition sets, etc


Our car locksmith can be dispatched any time to where you need us. We make sure we attend to your trouble in the fastest time possible. On average, a local locksmith can be where you are 15 minutes after we receive your call. Our car locksmith services can perform repair or rekeys, or lock change when necessary.

For emergency services, A Lenny  can send a local locksmith to your homes and offices at any time of the day. The situation will be inspected so that the locksmith can recommend the most practical solution according to your budget. Of course, security sets that provide a low level of protection can be less expensive. If you wish, our professional locksmith can help by discussing the advantages of a good lock brand and help you decide which lock system is suitable for your property.

Commercial establishments have also trusted us with their security maintenance, and it is worthwhile to check with us whenever you find a room for improvement or maintenance when it comes to your security processes.

Our consultation is free via telephone or a visit to our shop during business hours.

Boston Locksmith

Boston Locksmith

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